El Hayaar

Segol is Dima Gorelik and Reut Rivka Shabi's mutual project with guest musicians Hadar Noiberg or Maria Pomianowska and distinguished Persian artist Muhammad Rassouli.

Dima and Rivka take advantage of their multicultural experiences to create unbelievably powerful compositions. Rivka's voice is beautiful, poignant, and harmonizes with the perfect guitar accompaniment, and a hypnotizing flute along with sarangi and suka make the whole complete. The project comprises original arrangements of Hebrew, Balkan and Ladino songs. While giving a concert they experiment with the technique of creating songs in the real time being inspired by a moment and an audience, which makes their music even more fascinating and exciting. The experience is truly magical.



Dima Gorelik – guitar
Reut Rivka Shabi – vocal
Also available with special guests:
Maria Pomianowska – sarangi, suka
Muhammad Rassouli - ney
Hadar Noiberg – flute


image: Segol