Savannah and the Stringz

Acoustic on Steroids



Singer-songwriter's Savannah Zwi's unusual trio balances new forms of sonic expression and good old pop music appeal. Three bold musicians of diverse backgrounds unite to fight the forces of musical evil. Their arsenal: a pallet of moods and emotions – from heart-wrenchingly romantic to audaciously crunchy - always adventurous and filled with a love of music.

Savannah, an accomplished vocalist and pianist, a native of Sydney, Australia, has spent last years living in Israel, and garnering a loyal fan base. The trio formed by her - Savannah & the Stringz developed their own unique sound. This quirky combination of musical styles - ranging from Jazz, through Cabaret, and reaching as far as classical chamber music with a contemporary twist - always makes them a hard ensemble to pin down. Double bass player Noam Elron is a freelance musician with extensive experience in Jazz and Classical music composing and arranging for film and theatre. Violin prodigy Tomer Einat is the youngest member of the team but his daring approach to music-making makes him a vital part of the trio look and sound. The constant search for the limits of expression of three acoustic instruments and three voices is at the core of the group's charm. One of the reasons for the trio's immense success is the apparent friendship and musical chemistry between the musicians – something about these good vibes translates well on stage, and has proven to conquer all audiences.

In the past years the trio has performed in nearly every corner of Israel and has caught the attention of audiences from both the Jazz and Classical world. In 2014 the band was invited to Poland for the first time, to take part in the cycle "Filharmonia - Muzyka w Jazovi" Before Palm Jazz Festival 2014. Savannah & the Stringz performed at the CK Jazovia in Gliwice on September 17, 2014.



Savannah Zwi-Navon - vocal and piano
Tomer Einat - violin and vocals
Noam Elron – double bass and vocals


image: Savannah and the Stringz