Pomianowska and Kinior TWO-HEADED DRAGON


One of the most amazing musical projects of 2014 in Poland.

Maria Pomianowska & Włodzimierz ‘Kinior’ Kiniorski Duo is a highly interesting project for those who appreciate the artists' solo achievements and those interested in music inspired by ethnic sounds. Both Maria and Włodzimierz are famous for their uncompromising renditions, musical quest and creative passion which escapes contemporary genre limitations. However, the artists' joint project entitled “Two-Headed Dragon” is not only a fusion of sounds created by the first lady of Polish ethnic music and the outstanding saxophone player; it is also an exploration of new areas and possibilities of breaking genre-specific limits.

Włodzimierz ‘Kinior’ Kiniorski is the most frequently associated with jazz music but he is also known for his projects in the field of world music. Maria Pomianowska is famous for her research related with old music and ethnic sounds, as well as international cross projects organized in Poland, in Arab countries and in Asia. The artist was connected with Japanese Imperial Court for many years; she collaborated with musicians active on metal and reggae scene as well. This time, Pomianowska & Kinior do not plan to return to predictable jazz-ethno blends.

“Two-Headed Dragon” is a project devoid of any cultural context; it is an emotional and expressive tale composed of previously unused abilities of Polish old instruments, paired with ambient arrangements. Fans of Maria Pomianowska will find a few well-known folk songs here, however presented in a totally unusual way, different from what they have been given a chance to hear until now. Lovers of Kinior's saxophone will discover his spatial, deep musical interpretations, as well as some new pieces.



Maria Pomianowska - fiddle, suka, morin khuur, gadulka, vocal

Włodzimierz Kinior Kiniorski - saxophone, clarinet, percussions, electronic arrangements


sound technician

animation service


image: Pomianowska and Kinior TWO-HEADED DRAGON