An energetic quintet from Cracow adroitly cull from the klezmer music to create their own compositions and arrangements that subtly weave diverse ethnic and genre climates. The group was founded in 2005 when five musicians decided to form a band whose repertoire could put all their individual music interests and experience together. Each of them had contact with the klezmer music before, and its beauty and variety grabbed all their attention. Searching for their own way of expression they applied the most characteristic elements of the Jewish and Balkan music (scales, rhythm, harmony) and added a jazz and classical touch, consequently Klezzmates conceived their own original style. Just after four months of playing together  their work was appreciated at the New Tradition Festival organized by the Polish Radio II and they were awarded with the Polonia Channel Award. Since then Klezzmates has released three albums, composed for theatre and cooperated with the Modern Theatre in Warsaw, and they has toured regularly performing in Poland and Europe. This year they are promoting their new album entitled “The Teeter”, released under the auspices of the Polish Radio II.



Marcin Wiercioch - accordion
Jarek Wilkosz - double bass
Bartosz Dworak - violin
Tomek Polak - clarinet
Krzysiek Kossowski - drums, percussion


image: Klezzmates