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"His Clockstopper is indeed an accomplishment deserving attention from modern jazz enthusiasts."

"A sublime mix of melodic compositions and strong impulse driven improvisations."

London Jazz Review: “There is something profoundly enriching about Danish double bassist Kenneth Dahl Knudsen’s new orchestral jazz release. Full of vibrant jazz episodes as well as restrained, emotional tension, this is original, often filmic music which indubitably wears its heart on its sleeve.”

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Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Group is an international quintet featuring young talented musicians under the leadership of Danish bassist and composer Kenneth Dahl Knudsen.  The ensemble plays modern European Jazz with Scandinavian roots and strong elements of improvisation and interaction.
Kenneth with his ensemble has released two albums, the very well-received debut album “Strings Attached” and “Clockstopper” which is a personal musical tale about the fear of losing time and the fascination of time. The album was widely acclaimed by both the press and the audience, and Knudsen was appreciated as a modern jazz composer. “Clockstopper” was  recorded in Skyline Studios in Manhattan and featuring such great musicians as Grammy nominated Johnathan Blake and Jaleel Shaw.

In May 2016 Kenneth Dahl Knudsen released his latest album WE'LL MEET IN THE RAIN, the project with orchestra. The album was considered as one of the UKVIBE TOP 20 best jazz albums of 2016, aside Keith Jarrett ans Avishai Cohen

One of the first things that strikes me about this music, is its naturalness. There is such an open, honest feel to it, that the listener actually senses the composer’s thoughts and intentions whilst listening. There is a breathtaking beauty to it, provided not only by the skill of the composer’s writing, but also by the strength and poignancy in the way it is performed. - Mike Gates, UKvibe

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Group has been regularly touring performing at Jazz Festivals and venues.


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Lars Zander (DE) – saxophone
Sebastian Boehlen (DE) – guitar
Gauthier Toux (FR) – piano
Maxence Sibille (FR) - drums
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen (DK) - double bass/compositions and arrangements


image: Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Group