CHOPIN on 5 continents

Maria Pomianowska and friends



"Chopin on 5 continents" is an attempt at creating a multicultural meeting based on selected masterpieces from the repertoire of the great Polish composer. This project features unique arrangements of Frederic Chopin's works performed on various ethnic and classical instruments from all over the world. It is a fusion which blends numerous musical traditions from five different continents with the beauty of Chopin's works taking his music to the multicultural Paris of the 21st century.

We experience a musical journey of imagination attempting to answer the question what Frederic Chopin's experiences could be if he had emigrated not to Paris of the early 19th century but to Paris of today. What music would he listen to and which one would inspire his works? What instruments would he encounter? Paris at present is a place where cultures of the world mingle, a place where you can meet the musical cultures of Persia, India, Africa, Japan, China, South America and many others. Therefore "Chopin on 5 continents" sounds like a journey in space and time, a musical tale about melodies and instruments from different cultures of the five continents, their beauty and universal features which allow them to merge fluently with Chopin's music.

about "Chopin on 5 continents":



Maria Pomianowska - vocal, fiddle, suka, sarangi, erhu, morin khuur, gadulka
Mohammad Rasuli - Persian flute ney
Amadou Fola - African dance, drums, djembe, kora
Gwidon Cybulski - vocal, balafon, steel drums, tabla, didżiridu
Bartłomiej Pałyga - overtone singing, bas, jaw harp, cheng, djembe
Paweł Betley - flutes of Europe and Asia
Wojciech Lubertowicz - duduk, drums, darabukka




image: CHOPIN on 5 continents